Waterfall Model

      Waterfall Model

        The waterfall model provided 2 primary enhancements to the stage wise

        Recognition of the feedback loops between stages, and a guideline to confine the feedback loops to successive stages to minimize the expensive rework involved in feedback across many stages.
        An initial incorporation of prototyping in the software life cycle, via a “build it twice” step running in parallel with requirements analysis and design.

        Waterfall model approach help get rid of many difficulties previously encountered on software projects.

    personal software process

        What is a personal software process?
        Why does engineers uses PSP?


          What is SOHO?
          Small businesses use SOHO for what purposes?

        What are the most popular OSI Model Layers?

            What are the most popular OSI Model Layers?

              Open System Interconnection Model OSI is short for Open System Interconnection, which is an ISO standard for worldwide communications that defines a networking framework for implementing protocols in seven layers.

              It will help him troubleshoot problems on a network. Knowing how to identify which layer does the problem is occurring at, will help to determine what the actual cause of the problem.

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